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Astronaut on Alien Planet


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The Themes for Year 1 are:

#1: The Bonds That Unite Us / Los lazos que nos unen

#2. Myths and Monsters / Mitos y monstruos

#3: Beyond the Stars / Más allá de las estrellas

#4: Love Needs No Translation / El amor no necesita traducción

Love Needs No Translation


Guidelines for Submitting Stories

Stories can be submitted in English or Spanish.

Please remember that each language has its own punctuation rules. 


—Presta atención al uso correcto de las rayas o guiones largos —dijo la editora. 

“I will,” said the writer. 

If you submit your story in Spanish, it will be translated and also published in English.

If you submit your story in English, it will be translated and also published in Spanish. 

All stories in the magazine will be published in both languages. 

Simultaneous submissions and multiple submissions are not allowed.

We pay 8 cents per word, up to 6400 words. We ask for six month world first exclusive rights and translation rights for all original stories accepted.

If your story is accepted, you are agreeing to be contacted by the person doing the translation for your work in case they have any questions. Translating is a collaborative process, and we want to make sure we get all the nuances correct. 

Tell us a story about love. Any type of love will do: love between friends, love within a family, romantic love, or any kind of love that makes you smile. What's important is the connection, the emotion. Whether your protagonist is being swept up on a romantic journey of space adventure or your main characters are just two buddies trying to survive an apocalypse, we want to read it! Show us what love means to you and why it's important to all of us, regardless of where we are on this planet or what language we speak.

What We're Looking For

- The theme of each edition will vary, but the general consensus for all stories is as follows:​ Well-written original stories that fall under the speculative fiction umbrella, up to 6,400 words long. No exceptions. 

- Authors are free to interpret the themes creatively, and we encourage you to twist and bend the themes to your will, as long as they fit into any of the speculative fiction genres. However, if you have to explain to us how your story fits in with the theme, it probably isn’t a good fit for us.

-We actively encourage speculative fiction writers from Latin America (including Brazil) and the Caribbean and their diaspora to submit. We welcome work from people who live at the intersections of multiple cultures and identities, including people born in Latin America living in other countries. We especially welcome work by writers who are Black, Indigenous, trans, queer, in disability community, and of marginalized genders and sexualities.

What We Don't Want

- Racism, homophobia, bigotry, discrimination, or misogyny. 

- Stories that include gratuitous violence against humans, robots, animals, or any sentient beings, whether it’s rape, torture, or murder. 


- Stories that glorify any cultures above others. 


Upcoming Submissions Windows:

None currently announced, but stay tuned!

Please make sure to send your submission to the correct category and language. 

Submissions Windows


We commission art months in advance based on the issue’s theme. You can send us a link to your portfolio to with the subject as follows: ART PORTFOLIO and your name. 


As of now, we’re only looking for art by BIPOC creators from anywhere in the world. 


We will pay $1000 and ask for rights to use the art as our cover for the digital and print versions of the magazine and online promotional material. We may ask for other rights, and they will be clearly stipulated in the contract beforehand. 


If you have any questions please message us via our Contact Page or email us at 

Special Notice

If you are an author or artist from the Caribbean, Latin America, or their diaspora and you have a project coming out soon please contact us. We'd love to feature and promote your work in Constelación Magazine. 

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